Invisalign in Houston, Texas

The days of wired, metal traditional braces are out! While it may seem like a rite of passage for us older folks who spent our younger years with clunky braces, the future of happy, symmetrical teeth is here! 

At Oaks Point, we’re proud to offer Invisalign® for all of our qualified patients! Gaining massive popularity in recent years, Invisalign® offers an alternative to traditional braces. Using a series of custom-made, BPA-free removable plastic liners, Invisalign® gradually straightens your child’s teeth without the fuss of wired braces!

You will be working directly with the Oaks Point Team to create a customized plan based on your child’s unique set of teeth. Throughout the course of treatment, new custom aligners are created over a period of time based on the position of the teeth until the desired results have been reached. At Oaks Point, we’re here for you whenever you need it! Our entire team is readily available to answer any of your questions or concerns. 

While most people think Invisalign® is mostly for adults, that couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s often ideal for children, who may struggle with the additional requirements and limitations of traditional braces.

Invisalign offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Clear aligners that are virtually invisible
  • Minimal interference with everyday life
  • Involves no brackets or wires, which can cause irritation and cuts
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Can be removed before brushing and flossing, making regular at-home dental care easier and more effective. This also helps reduce the risk of developing cavities or gum disease, since it’s difficult to brush around regular braces.
  • No restrictions on what your child can eat, since aligners are removed before meals
  • No concerns about food getting stuck in the teeth or braces
  • Fewer orthodontic appointments are required compared to traditional braces
Interested in getting your child started? It’s easy! Simply call our office to set up an introductory appointment with Dr. Chance. In this appointment, he’ll go over your child’s unique set of teeth, goals, ultimately determine if your child is a good candidate for Invisalign®. Give us a call to get started! (832) 553-4433